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Best Google Ads Course Certification in Thane with Live Practicals

Google Ads Course Certification in Thane will Help You Master the Key Concepts as per Google advertising Platform. Google Ads allows Businesses to Create and run Ads on the Google Search Network, Google Display Network, YouTube, and other Google partner sites.

Google ads is the comprehensive online platform for the advertisers to display their Ads on various Search Engine. The various platforms like Search Ads, YouTube Ads, Banner Ads, Video Ads and other Display options.

Google Ads appear millions of Google partner websites and applications. Google ads is one of the highest ranking ad publisher website across all websites. Google ads program will make you understand to analyze Business Goals, campaign set up, display network, ad pricing, competition, and more.

Google advertising Platform helps to discover the new keywords which helps in finalizing the campaign. Our PPC Course in Thane will boost your traffic by multiple times and increase conversion ratio to achieve maximum ROI.

Digital Bizware offers Google Ads Course Certification in Thane with live projects to get practical knowledge. Google Ads is the paid method of generating traffic to our Website. In this Google Ads training you will get end to end knowledge about the steps involved In Google Ads (google ads search Certification in Thane) Training.

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google ppc Course in Thane

Google Ads Certification Course

Digital Bizware is providing 8+ modules in our google ppc Course in Thane, this modules are taught by Performance Marketing Professionals who have in-depth experience in running live real time Google ads.

Introduction of Google ads

Google Ads Is Online Advertisement Platform To run  ads on  Search Engine Result Page, YouTube  and Other Google Network partners.

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner  Is Powerful  Tool in Google that can help to Find Keyword For Advertiser and Marketer to run Ad Campaign.

Smart Ads

Smart Ads are a simplified and automated advertising solution  designed for Small Businesses or Advertisers with limited time and resources.

Search Ads

Search Ads Can Be Used To Generate Traffic On Website By Paying Amount To google For Specific Keywords

Display Ads

Display ads are a type of  Advertising  includes Visual, Graphical, or Multimedia Advertisements Displayed on Websites, Mobile Apps or  Digital Platforms.

Youtube Ads

YouTube ads are video promotions that appear on the YouTube and Other Platforms.

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing is Strategy and Technique used to promote Mobile Applications to users, increase app downloads, improve user engagement.

Performance Max Ads

Performance Max is a ad type that can show Ads across all of Google’s advertising channels: Search, Display, YouTube, Discover, Shopping, Gmail  and Maps.

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Google ads Course in Thane

Key Highlights of Our Google ads Course in Thane

Digital Bizware Is One Of the best institute for google ppc Certification in Thane

  • Certified Trainer
  • 100% Practicals
  • Live Campaigns
  • Micro Batch
  • Updated Syllabus
  • Mock Interviews
  • IR Sessions
  • 7+ Certificates
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Who Should Enroll For Google ads Course Certification in Thane



Individuals interested in a career in Digital Marketing with a focus to achieve their career goals.



Entrepreneurs & Business Owners who are aiming to improve their online presence .



Freelancers & Self Employed Professional's looking to enhance their skills for local market.

Marketing Professionals

Marketing Professionals

Marketing Professionals seeking to specialize in local SEO for Thane-based businesses.

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Your Best PPC Course in Thane Based on Live ads

Our Best PPC Course in Thane is designed as per Industry Standards and skills needed to thrive in today's dynamic world. We Help all professional, Students and entrepreneurs seeking to upgrade their skills, this course is your gateway to success so Let's Connect.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Google ads are sponsored ads in google search results that appear when ever users seek for information regarding product or service. 

    Google ads are very important as you can place ads to appears in front to target audience directly, you can control budget, time of display and for which keyword to be seen.

    One can learn this program online for free but it consumes lots of time and energy to understand each and every concept. we have made it easy and simplified to you.

    Yes Google ads Course is free and you can get the google Certification from google – Skillshop platform absolutely free.

    There is no eligibility required to learn this course but one needs basics of marketing a product or services.

    End of the Day, every campaign boils down to Conversions that’s the main objective -its CONVERSION


    Placement Record

    We have designed industry curriculum that suits best to the Job markets . We Focus on Future ready Skills for our Students.

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    About PPC Career Path

    Performance Marketing Careers

    Upon Successful Completion of google ppc Certification in Thane your chances are high to become performance marketer, this profiles are highest paid jobs in digital marketing field.

    • PPC Executive
    • PPC Manager
    • Seo Consultant
    • PPC Analyst
    • PPC Expert
    • PPC Specialist
    Performance Marketing  Careers

    Enroll in Google ads Course Certification in Thane

    Google Ads Course  is also known as Pay-per-Click Course (PPC) is an online advertising platform developed by Google. It allows businesses to run ads on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), websites, mobile apps and other platforms within Google, Google Network Platforms.

    Advertisers create ad campaigns on Google Ads Platform by selecting specific keywords related to their products or services. These keywords trigger the display of their ads when users search for or interact with content related to those keywords. Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, where advertisers pay when users click on their ads.

    our google ppc Certification in Thane helps you to placed ads on google platforms via various ad formats, including text-based search ads, Smart Ads ,display ads , video ads on YouTube, app promotion ads and shopping ads that showcase products with images, Videos and pricing details.

    Google Ads provides Narrow targeting options, allowing advertisers to reach specific audiences based on factors like Age, Gender, location, demographics, interests, and device type. It also offers tools for analyzing ad performance, optimizing campaigns and tracking conversions to measure the effectiveness of advertising efforts.

    Career Options in Google Ads
    Google Ad Manager  is best for Business and as a Career Opportunity for professionals. Google PPC Certification Course is a comprehensive Tool for Business Who want to make instant result within a low Cost & Save time.

    Google Certifications for Better Career
    Our institute help you to get certified in 7+ Google Programs which adds additional weightage to your resume.
    Google Ads Fundamentals Certification
    Google Ads Search Certification
    • Google Ads Display Certification
    • Google Ads Mobile Certification
    • Google Ads Shopping Certification
    • Google Ads Video Certification
    • Google Analytics Certification

    100% Real time Practical’s
    We strongly believe Practical Knowledge is required to implement strategies. We designed our google ads Course Certification in Thane where you spent 20+ hours on Practical’s from Fundamentals to Advanced Level. We give access to Live Campaign & make you work on Search Advertising Campaigns, Display Campaigns, Remarketing & Reporting.

    Join Our Best PPC Course in Thane And witness the Transformative Power of Mastering Google ads For Career Development or Business Growth.