Certified Digital Marketing Course

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane West With Placements

After providing our students the best digital marketing courses in Thane West with placements, we believe that Digital Marketing field is a booming industry with multiple Job Opportunities available all over the globe.

Our Certified Digital Marketing Courses near you is 2 months course, specially designed for beginners thriving to build up their profession in Digital Marketing Field.

We at Digital Bizware will guide you with comprehensive knowledge in Website Designing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC, Lead Generation etc. Which will consist 30+ Modules, Assignments, Live Projects, through out the courses.

After completion of your digital marketing certification courses, we will provide 100% job assistance to individual student at Digital Bizware.

So, We at Digital Bizware provides you the current & updated Digital Marketing Certification Courses, as we keep changing our curriculum that fits best in the industry practices based on our live practicals on Projects.

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Digital Marketing Courses

About - Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Our Digital Marketing Course Syllabus in Thane covers 30+ Modules in our Certified Digital Marketing Course. You'll gain hands-on experience and real-world insights that will set you apart in the competitive Digital Landscape.

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane West, Mumbai

Digital Basics

Overview of Digital Marketing Basics and its importance in today’s Digital world.

Learn Blogging - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai


Updating and Creating a series of informative stunning content on periodic basis.

Learn Content Analysis - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Content Analysis

Process of improving the quality content that ranks in search engine results page.

Learn Content Bypass - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Content Bypass

Process of Technical Content writing to overcome all Plagiarism tools.

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane West, Mumbai


Web Site designing adds to showcase your products and service using a digital page.

Learn Landing Pages - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Landing Page

Landing page is a single page designed for  promoting & Generate user details.

Learn Keyword Planner - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Keyword planner

Keyword Planner is a tool used to find the keywords searched specific related objectives.

Learn Keyword Research - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Keyword Research

In-depth analysis of keyword which helps when, how to use keywords for ads & SEO.

Learn Search Ads - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Search ads

Method of Placing Ads in Search Engine Results Page for specific Search queries.

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane West, Mumbai

Display Ads

Display Ads are graphical or visual advertisements that appear on multiple Platforms.

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane West, Mumbai

Video Ads

Placing Video Ads on video based channels like  YouTube & other partner platforms.

Learn Performance Max - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Performance Max

Get maximum results driven mechanisms campaigns that really perform in google.

Learn APP Promotion - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

App Promotion

Promoting an Application to get Launched, installation and Drive Engagement in  it.

Learn Smart Ads - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Smart Ads

Super Express Mechanisms to place ads in quick and effective process.

Learn Graphic Designing - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Graphic Design

Create a variety of visual graphic content,  like Posts, presentations, posters etc.

Learn Affiliate Marketing - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Affiliate Marketing

Promoting  Products & Service and earning commission on the Same.

Learn Facebook - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai


Social Engaging Platform that leverage to specifically target custom Audience via Ads.

Learn Instagram - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai


It allows users to upload and share visual content with their followers.

Learn LinkedIn - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai


Networking Oriented platform designed for business and career-oriented activities.

Learn Youtube - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai


Video sharing Platform where registered users can upload and share videos with anyone.

Learn On Page SEO - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

On Page SEO

Process of activities on Webpage to rank in Search Engine Results Page.

Learn Off Page SEO - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Off Page SEO

Off Page is building back-links and gaining exposure through various channels.

Learn E-mail Marketing - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Email Marketing

Personalized Communication with target customers to promotes product or service.

Learn Whatsapp Marketing - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Business app has several tools to help you run your business efficiently.

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane West, Mumbai

Local SEO Listing

List you business to reach you local audience and target effectively.

Work On Live Projects - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai


Get Hands on Knowledge by implements end to end Projects in Digital Marketing

Build Job Converting Resume - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai


Tailoring you Digital skills to exactly match the industry requirements.

Practice Mock Interviews - Best Digital Marketing Course in thane West, Mumbai

Mock Interviews

Made Easy demo drills to face real-time Digital Marketing Interviews.

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key Highlights Of Digital Bizware

Key Highlights Of Our Digital Marketing Certification Courses

Get the best digital marketing certification courses in Thane. We understand better that offline-based learning can make a significant change to reach students from all over the world!

Giving options to learn better can always offer you the best outcomes from our Digital Marketing Course in Thane, Mumbai.

  • Lifetime Support
  • 100% Practicals
  • Flexible Batches
  • Live Projects
  • Case Studies
  • Certified Trainers
  • Realtime
  • Personal Mentors
  • 20+ Certificates
  • 98.50% Placements
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Who Should Enroll For Our Digital Marketing Training Courses in Thane?



Students & Individuals seeking a job and upgrade must enroll in our Digital Marketing Training Courses in Thane.



Entrepreneurs & Business Owners who are aiming to improve their online presence can join our digital marketing certification courses.



Freelancers & self employed Professional's looking to enhance their skills for local market can pursue our training courses in Thane West.

Marketing Professionals

Marketing Professionals

Marketing Professionals seeking to specialize in local SEO for Thane-based businesses.

Digital Marketing Job Industry

Digital Marketing Career Path

Enroll for a practical journey that equips you with the skills to succeed in the evolving world of Digital Marketing. Whether you're a Marketing Professional or Entrepreneur, this course empowers you with the latest strategies. Elevate your Career, Enhance your Business and Embrace the limitless possibilities of Digital Marketing.

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Analyst / Team Lead
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Chief Marketing Officer
Digital Marketing Career Path

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing is promoting your business or services through “n” numbers of online digital platforms globally.

About Digital Marketing Courses in Thane Fees, It depends on the program that you choose. If you’re interested, Get Quote Today for our Certified, Advance, and Mastery programs.

This course benefits in multiple ways, you can use these skills to get a Job, you can use these skills in your job to improve your performance better & gain more salary.

One should have Basic Computer Knowledge to do this internet marketing course in Thane West, Mumbai.

By doing Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, YouTube Marketing, etc.

Yes, We have 98.50% placement record track as of January’2024.

Digital Bizware Syllabus

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Our Digital Marketing Course is designed as per Industry Standards and skills needed to thrive in today's dynamic world. We Help all professional, Students and Entrepreneurs seeking to upgrade their skills, this course is your gateway to success. So Let's Connect.


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    We have incorporated 100% Practical Approach, Hands-On Projects to help you apply theoretical knowledge in Real-Time scenarios. From creating and executing a Google campaigns to Social Media Campaign, Optimizing a Website for Search Engines, or developing a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy.

    You will gain proficiency in the tools and technologies commonly used in the Digital Marketing Industry. This includes Social Media Management Tools, SEO Tools & Software, E-mail Marketing Platforms, and Analytics Tools.

    You will explore real-time case studies that showcase successful Digital Marketing Campaigns. Analyzing Campaigns provides valuable insights into strategy. Our Digital Marketing Course Certifications will add credibility to your skillset and can be valuable assets when seeking Job or Freelance Opportunities.

    Learn from our leading digital stalwarts who have practical experience in Digital Marketing. Our Industry Experts can provide you valuable insights, share their experiences and offer guidance on current trends and best practices.

    Enrolling in our Digital Marketing Course in Thane is an investment in your future. It equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the Current digital age, whether you’re aiming for a Career in Marketing, Starting your own business or Looking to enhance your existing skillset.

    Join Today! Our Digital Marketing Courses in Thane to gain the expertise needed to excel in the fast-paced world of Digital Marketing. Unlock the world of possibilities now!

    Why You Should Choose Digital Bizware Over Others?

    Our digital marketing course syllabus is comprehensive and designed by Digital Marketing industry experts. It Covers;

    Introduction & basics to Digital Marketing, Website Planning and Creation,
    5 Modules in Search Engine Optimization (SEO),7 + Modules in Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, 8 Modules in Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Analytics and Reporting, Google Search Console and many more..!

    Digital Marketing Certifications: Your Stepping Stone to Success

    Our digital Marketing Course are recognized by leading companies in and around thane, Mumbai and are tailored to ensure that you stand out in the job market. Whether you’re seeking to Upgrade your career or to gain a competitive edge, our Digital Marketing Certifications are key to success.

    Best Digital Marketing Training Courses in Thane

    We believe in transparency and value for money. Our digital marketing courses in Thane with Affordable fees are structured to provide the best education at competitive prices. You can choose from a range of options to fit your budget and career goals. Our hands-on course training is held in well-equipped classrooms and online platforms, providing you with the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Whether you’re a full-time professional or a student, we have batch timings that cater to your schedule.

    Tools Covered in Digital Marketing Course Training in Thane

    Digital Marketing Course Syllabus Covers extensive Modules and 200+ Skillset in digital Marketing.

    Google Analytics: A powerful web analytics service by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, providing valuable insights.

    SEMrush: An all-in-one digital marketing toolkit for keyword research, competitive analysis, backlink tracking, and site audit tools.

    Rankmath: A WordPress SEO plugin for on-page optimization and SEO analysis, XML sitemaps, and rich snippets.

    Google Search Console: A web service by Google that helps webmasters monitor and optimize their site’s search performance, indexing, and more.

    Google Tag Manager: Pocess of managing website tags, allowing marketers to add and update tags without needing to modify the website code directly.

    Canva: A user-friendly graphic design platform with a variety of templates, create visually appealing graphics, presentations, and social media posts.

    GIMP : A free, open-source raster graphics editor with powerful features for tasks such as photo retouching, image editing, and graphic design.

    Piktochart: An online tool for creating infographics, presentations, and reports with customizable templates and easy-to-use design features.

    HubSpot: A comprehensive inbound marketing and sales platform that offers tools for content marketing, lead generation, & CRM.

    Gravity Write: A writing tool that may assist with content creation, potentially providing features to enhance the writing process.

    Chat GPT: A chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology, capable of generating Content to any task using promt.

    Mailchimp: Platform that allows users to design, send, and analyze email campaigns, manage subscriber lists, and automate marketing tasks.

    AWeber: An email marketing service that helps businesses create and send emails, automate campaigns, and analyze performance.

    Google Ads: Google’s advertising platform that allows businesses to create and display ads on Google’s search engine and partner sites.

    Ubersuggest: A tool for keyword research and SEO analysis, providing insights into search volume, competition, and content ideas.

    Copilot: BING AI tool (GPT 4.0)

    Shotcut: An open-source, cross-platform video editing software that provides a range of features for video editing and post-production.

    Elementor: A WordPress page builder plugin that allows users to create and customize websites using a drag-and-drop interface.

    Contact 7 (Contact Form 7): A popular WordPress plugin for creating and managing contact forms on websites.

    Chatty: Value added tools for web engagement, as “Chatty could be used for social and personal website engagement purpose.

    Join the Digital Revolution with Digital Bizware!

    Unlock your digital marketing journey with Digital Bizware in Thane. With our well-crafted courses, expert faculty, and a supportive learning environment, you are set to make your mark in the digital world.

    Enroll today and transform your digital marketing skills with Digital Bizware—where your future in digital marketing begins!