What is digital marketing ? Important concepts in Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing ?  Important concepts in Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing ? Important concepts in Digital Marketing


What is Digital Marketing


“Digital Marketing basics and details overview”


Digital marketing is a process used by companies and individuals in promoting their products and services on the internet using digital platforms or any digital mediums such as mobile, tablet, laptop and desktops. Digital marketing is the future of marketing. Use of digital media and internet services helps customers to fulfill their demands only through one click. It is a modern marketing technique. It is also known as internet marketing, web marketing, and online marketing.


Digital marketing is a process used of promoting products and services to the direct targeted customers

Digital marketing evolved since 1990s and 2000s which has changed the overall perspective of marketing the business. Common man daily spends 5-6 hours on the internet with 60% of mobile usage, which has led the marketers to attract their customers by grabbing their attention in their phones. As people are more engrossed in digital devices, usage of digital marketing campaigns has become more productive.

Digital marketing includes subjects such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), Content marketing, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, Image marketing, E-commerce marketing, social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization (SMO). Traditional marketing included newspaper advertising, but now the era has changed and it has replaced the newspapers with E-book.

Digital marketing has raised to a high level of development with the use of new technologies, therefore the combination of online marketing and technologies are indivisible. In order to have interaction with customers, retailers should shift from a linear promoting approach of unidirectional communication to a worth exchange model of mutual dialogue and benefit sharing between supplier and client. The unfold of knowledge and awareness will occur across varied channels, like the blogosphere, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, Pinterest, and a spread of different platforms. 

Customers are usually researching on-line, shopping for in stores and additionally browsing in stores so finding out different choices on-line. On-line client analysis into product is especially well-liked for higher-priced things in addition as expendable product like groceries and makeup. Customers are progressively victimization the net to seem up product data, compare costs, and look for deals and promotions.

There are new different methods for brands to use digital marketing as an advantage in their marketing efforts. Digital marketing provides a security of 24*7 services which gives customers the feeling of being supportive towards them. Previously in traditional marketing the companies not used to get any feedback from customers, but online marketing services have many platforms such as social media, which helps them to interact with customers and get a response in a positive or negative way. As such, digital promoting has become associate redoubled advantage for brands and businesses. It’s currently common for customers to post feedback on-line through social media sources, blogs and websites on their expertise with a product or complete. It’s become more and more widespread for businesses to use and encourage these conversations through their social media channels to own direct contact with the purchasers and manage the feedback they receive befittingly.

Customers naturally believe in verbal communications and peer-to-peer dialogue as it is an unplanned way of marketing, they spread it with a flow. Customers are more likely to trust other customer’s experience. It is more and more advantageous for corporations to use social media platforms to attach with their customers and make these dialogues and discussions. The potential reach of social media is indicated by the very fact that in 2015, every month the Facebook app had over 126 million average distinctive users and YouTube had over ninety seven million average distinctive users.

A strategy that's connected into the effectiveness of digital promoting is content promoting. Content promoting will be shortly delineated as "delivering the content that your audience is seeking within the places that they're looking for it". This is often thanks to, content promoting creating your complete a lot of relevance to the target customers, additionally as a lot of visible to the target shopper. Marketers also use email and phone number strategy as it helps to be in touch with the customers and may also lead to lead generation techniques.

Digital marketing is a technology which is highly in trend and daily come across many changes which improves the process of marketing for business. Digital media are in a state of rapid growth and slowly traditional marketing is declining.

Digital marketing is filled with different platforms, as an advertiser or marketer the core objective is to find better platform to advertise their brand through two way communication which in return will provide ROI for their brand. There are multiple platforms of digital marketing namely


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – SEM is a digital marketing tactic used to get noticeable in the search engine result pages. While the business term once stated each organic search activities like Search Engine optimization (SEO) and paid, it currently refers virtually solely to paid search advertising. Search engine marketing also refers to paid search or PPC (Pay per Click). Nowadays people generally prefer shopping online rather than going to market, therefore search engine marketing has become a key element to increase the reach of the company. Search engine advertising is one among the foremost in style types of PPC.It permits advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine sponsored links when someone searches for related keyword that the advertiser has used in his campaign. SEM is a paid technique used to come on top of the search result pages.



Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Social media is a platform where millions of unknown people contact each other randomly. In digital marketing social media plays a very crucial role as company gets to target their ideal user on social platforms. When we say social media it combines of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Social media marketing is a process where tactics are made and executed to draw in traffic to a website or to attract the buyers to the internet using different combination of social media channels.


Social Media Optimization (SMO) – SMO is a part of social media marketing. It is an organic way of promoting the brand of any company. Many a time’s company underestimates this strategy, but this tactic is very much in use and helps to make brand awareness on social media platforms through proper techniques. Make use of social media links on company’s website and again website link on social media, this helps you to make value addition in digital marketing procedure. Companies can also put social media buttons on website blogs. Social media is a daily routine work for each one of us, so making social media profile is not a big task. But many companies fail in this level, search engine prefers full filled information while indexing your company’s profile. Make use of keywords and phrases in your social media profile. Use keywords in your posts as well. Never allow company’s employee to use their personal email-id to connect with social platforms. Use branded images on social media pages which help in brand awareness of company’s products and services.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search engine optimization is just opposite to search engine marketing. SEO is an organic way of increasing the visibility of your website on search engine pages including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search platforms. SEO technique is majorly based on keywords, quality backlinks, Meta tags, URLs, etc. It is a process of diverting quantity and quality of traffic towards the website by using targeted keywords. SEO is a slow technique, but should be done constantly to get quality results. Even though it takes time, but it gives long term result and that too without investing your money. Domain authority and content writing plays a vital role in making a good SEO of the website. SEO acquires more than half of the part in digital marketing.


Content Marketing – “Content is the King”, this phrase is been heard by all of us. But the question is how many of them actually implemented this technique when it comes to practice things digitally. Content performs a crucial role in digital marketing. Content marketing is a pillar of SEO technique. On social media platforms content spreads the magic to convert viewer into customer. Words are always powerful, but one should know how to make use of it. Content defines everything in your website. Content is nothing but bucket full of words to target ideal user with the help of quality keywords and images. Content writing never fails if you target it with proper keywords. It always add value to readers knowledge and if visitors are getting some value addition from reading your content it will automatically diverted towards the website to purchase your products and service.


Display advertising - As the term infers, online Display promotion deals with showcasing promotional messages or concepts to the buyer on the web. This includes a large variety of advertisements like advertising blogs, networks, opening ads, discourse knowledge, ads on the search engines, classified or dynamic promotion, etc. the tactic will target specific audience calibration in from of differing types of locals to look at a selected promotion, the variations may be found because the most efficient component of this methodology.


Affiliate marketing - Affiliate selling is looked as if it would not be thought about a secure, reliable and straightforward suggests that of promoting through on-line platform. This is often because of a scarcity of irresponsibleness in terms of affiliates that may turn out the demanded range of latest customers. As a result of this risk and unhealthy affiliates it leaves the whole liable to exploitation in terms of claiming commission that isn’t honestly any inheritable. Legal suggests that might supply some protection against this; however, there are limitations on ill any losses or investment. Despite this, affiliate selling permits the whole to promote towards smaller publishers, and websites with smaller traffic. Brands that like better to use this seller typically ought to watch out for such risks concerned and appearance to keep company with affiliates within which rules are arranged down between the parties concerned to assure and minimize the chance concerned.



Email marketing - Email selling as compared to different kinds of digital selling is taken into account cheap; it's conjointly how to apace communicate a message like their price proposition to existing or potential customers. However this channel of communication could also be perceived by recipients to be pesky and worsening particularly to new or potential customers, so the success of email selling is dependent on the language and visual charm applied. In terms of visual charm, there area unit indications that victimization graphics/visuals that area unit relevant to the message that is trying to be sent, however less visual graphics to be applied with initial emails area unit simpler in-turn making a comparatively personal feel to the e-mail. In terms of language, the design is that the main think about crucial however charming the e-mail is. Victimization casual tone invokes a hotter and delicate and welcoming feel to the e-mail as compared to a proper vogue. For combinations; it's steered that to maximize effectiveness; victimization no graphics/visual aboard casual language. In distinction victimization no visual charm and a proper language vogue is seen because the least effective technique.


It is important for a company to create two way communications module to reach and divert maximum traffic towards the website through any of the digital marketing platforms mentioned above. Digital marketing is a process of reading your customers mind like what they are searching for? In short it is a process of finding your ideal user to whom you can mold according with different techniques and powerful words through which the visitor gets attracted n tends to buy your company’s products and services. The company should maintain long term relationships with their consumers for getting customer loyalty through multiple platforms. Digital marketing is all about making strategies and using trending technologies to attract the customer and to make him purchase your products and services unknowingly. For this company should design the funnel towards landing page. Plan your strategies digitally and convert visitors in to customers.




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